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Happy Mother’s Day

A mother’s role cannot be expressed in words nor celebrated as a day on the calendar. Moms are pillars of strength and love, giving so much for their children and families and not asking for anything in return. And that’s why this morning, I have a message to mothers because we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.
So, to all of you mothers, grandmothers, aunties, supportive sisters, mother-figures and those who fill the role of a mother, thank you for everything you do: the sacrifices, the planning, the teaching and most of all, your unwavering love for your children.
To all the new moms – you carry the responsibility of crafting our next generation and you do it beautifully. We see all your sacrifices and the work you’re putting in to shape our society. You’re amazing.
Today, I join several others to celebrate you, and to say thank you for your support, guidance and for being the ultimate role models.
From US to YOU🌺
Othdabere  Montessori School‘Pillars of Greatness’

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