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We work with the best teachers by training and harnessing their skills to deliver to meet the special needs of our students. This can be done by building strong partnerships with the Government of Ghana, Educational Institutions and also liaising with Institutions outside the borders of Ghana that aligns with our core principles and values.



Our curriculum is based on the Montessori global curriculum but tailored to our culture, ideology and core values. It based on sensory, practical life, language, literacy, maths and English and cultural and creative subjects.

Sensorial Learning

Sensory activities are designed by educators to help children explore using all their senses to help them create and investigate learning activities. Children receive varied impressions every day, so the sensory activities are designed to help the child to sort out in an orderly manner.

Practical Life Learning

This is where children learn real-life experiences through coordination, ability to concentrate, independent and support learning and creating a sense of responsibility for the children.


Literacy is fundamental to the learning of every child. Activities like singing, reading, storytelling, drawing and writing help in children’s literacy. Also, nursery rhymes, sound games, book rhymes with repetitive acts that reinforce learning. Literacy, therefore, helps the child to try writing words leading to reading

Maths and English

For every child to be successful in any subject, they must get grips of maths and English at an early stage in their lives. We use sounds and phonetics to help our children to read and write. We make it simple for them to understand and apply English and simple mathematics to their everyday life.

Cultural and Creative Subjects

Every child must know about their culture from an early stage so as for them to have a sense of belonging. Also, creative subjects such as fine arts, music, crafts, imaginative writing, drama and dance help the children to be open-minded and to help make them have a diverse approach to learning.

After School Program

Our after-school program is designed to engage the children in a lot of activities. This includes a book club where children are assigned books to read periodically, painting, sports, sketching, crafts etc. We are working on swimming and piano lessons for parents that might be interested in working with our third-party partners

Registration and Licensing

Othdabere Montessori Day Care School is registered and licensed by the following;