We work with the best teachers by training and harnessing their skills to deliver to meet the special needs of our students. 

Our Core Values

Our Principal

Mrs. Dorothy Osei-Kesse is a trained social worker in the United Kingdom with over a decade experience and expertise in non-profit organisation management, family services and providing primary health care. She is also a registered Nurse and works as a Nursing Manager and Master Marriage Mentor and Relationship Coach. She also has training in Leadership and Strategic Management and Pastoral Leadership and Ministry. Her hard work and contribution to the NHS in the UK mean she was adjudged the best nurse in 2018 by the Laurels Group of Care Homes in London, United Kingdom.

Mrs. Dorothy Osei-Kesse was awarded best Nurse of the year 2018 by the Laurels care home, London.


Mrs Dorothy Osei-Kesse is also the Chief Executive Officer of OTHDABERE Industry. She started a food business (othdabere o-k foods), delivering and selling different types of foods and drinks. She has a fashion & cosmetic line and marriage and family therapy service. 

She is also known as a philanthropist who funds and provides basic life needs for the underprivileged and homeless people living within our societies. She supports Fresh Start Foundation Worldwide and other charity organizations through her chain of business industry. 


Her passion is to restore hope for many people, changing lives through supporting families and providing support systems that can assist underprivileged families in our society to help them live decent lives. She believes for every family to be self-reliant; all less privileged and homeless people must have access to good and quality food, water, clothing, medication, counselling and support with hospital bills, that is the reason she has invested and continuous to invest in Fresh Start Foundation Worldwide.


Our Staff

The Othdabere Montessori School takes pride in selecting the best teachers to provide the best experience for the children. The highly qualified, experienced, loving and caring staff is our asset. 

We use specialist Montessori Approach to education. We also concentrate on communication, literacy, expressive arts and design and language development in which our staff are trained to do effectively and efficiently. Indoor and outdoor activities are incorporated into our curriculum for effective development in children. We do our best to provide a pleasurable learning experience for our children including creating a platform for parents to also contribute to the growth and development of their children.


In all these, one of our main objectives is to make your child learn, grow and utilise their God-given talent

Our Classroom

We make our teaching very interactive such that the children learn to help and be helped by other children.

Children easily learn from each other and if allowed to interact with one another in a structured educational environment with assistance from our well-trained teachers, then they are bound to have an exceptional learning experience.

The children develop a strong sense of community and stability. This community aids the development of students as role models for one another. This aids to create a strong sense of empathy and social cohesion.

We don’t push our children at the pace of other children. We identify the strength and weakness of each child and we set targets that meet their specific needs.